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March 22, 2007



Well the 100$ note approach is based on the assumption that the person sitting in front of you is supposed, for some reason, to be better/superior/smarter/more experienced than you and you need something to boost your confidence and make you feel his equal, or a least worthy of being in the same room.

I have a different technique that works on the opposite principal. The basic assumption of my technique is that we are all equals. We are all big and good at some things and small and not so successful in others. So whenever I enter a presentation room to meet a VC or a potential parent/customer I remind my self that he is no different than me, he fights with his wife from time to time, he wakes up in bad days and he is not sure that he's going in the right direction and just like me a probably spent countless hours and dollars at the shrinks room trying to make it all work.

But if for some reason the person in front of me still causes me a temporary lack of confidence I use my secret weapon… I close my eyes for a brief second and imagine this person sitting in the toilet and then I tell my self… “we all fart in the toilet, don’t we?”

It never failed me, try it the next time you meet Bill.

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