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March 22, 2007



Very interesting! and very true!


A link to the text:

and two points about the strategist:

1.It’s important to tell your strategist not to take himself to seriously. One of the dangers in strategy is that people actually believe that it’s going to be the rule according to which things will unfold. Well it’s important to remember that war is cruel and random… yes random!!! You can be the best strategist and random factors will ruin your best of plans.

2.some strategists sit on the hill and look on the battle field from a distance. They never go to visit the ditches. So they create great plans and their troops freeze to death because the strategist has no idea what it is to be in the ditch. Always remind the strategist in you that knowing the market is not only about reading the Gartner reports it’s about going out there and seeing it with your own eyes.


nice post! really!
but is the link with an affilate add-on?
If yes I think you should have told us.

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